Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Holiday!

Hi there again sports fans! Hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the world of sports. You are probably wondering why the title of this entry is "Happy Holiday". Duh! It is a holiday to all true NFL is the first day of the college entry draft. Later this afternoon, the festivities will kick off in New York City and the awful looking Detroit Loins will be on the clock for the first pick. Reports out of Detroit are saying the Lions are going to pick Matthew Stafford, the quarterback out of the University of Georgia. It will be interesting to see who the Steelers select in the first round, but since they have the 32nd pick, they won't pick until later on tonight. I hope they either go with a big target wide receiver or address needs on the offensive line. No matter who they chose, that young man will be stepping into a team steaped with history of great drafts over the years.

In recent years, the Steelers have drafted Ben Roethlisberger, Heath Miller, and Troy Polamalu in the first round, and have been successful in other rounds as well. We are still waiting to see what becomes of the top two picks from a year ago. Rashard Mendenhall was hurt most of the season, but I still believe he will be a decent running back in the future, and Limas Sweed did not impress me much in his rookie season. The luck of the Steelers goes all the way back to the 1970's when they drafted Terry Bradshaw number one in 1970 and then had the Hall of Fame class of 1974 when they picked Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, and Mike Webster in that year's draft. They know how to find players at schools that others may bypass, and those players know how to play the game.

In other sports news, the Indians lost to the Twins last night 5 to 1. It was not a good night for the Tribe. Enough said! But the Cavs moved to within one game of shutting down the Detroit Pistons in their first round playoff matchup. And sadly, the Red Wings took care of the Blue Jackets in four straight games to close out Columbus's first trip to the postseason, but the Jackets will be back. Til the next time!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

So far so good...

Hello again there sports fans! Hope all of you in central Ohio and this general area are enjoying the nice beautiful weather we are having today, and just think, it is supposed to be even nicer by the weekend. Anyway, I am not here to blog about the weather. I am here to blog about the world of sports, and today's entry focuses on the Cleveland Indians.

So far so good on this early season nine game homestand. After today's come from behind victory the Royals, the Indians have won 2 of 3 so far. Today the Tribe came back in the eighth inning to win 5 to 2, and the key hit was the 6th home run on the season by Grady Sizemore. Now the Indians welcome yet another Central division foe, Minnesota Twins, to town for a weekend series starting tomorrow night.

Grady Sizemore is looking like an All Star and MVP early this season. I always send out a list of my predictions to friends each spring, and this spring I chose Grady to be MVP this year. Some laughed, but look at the season he is off to. Hopefully he can continue it as the season moves along. Go Tribe!

Til the next time!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rainy day...

Today has been quite the rainy and overcast day here in central Ohio, and hopefully the rain will start letting up by tomorrow as the Indians are back in town to start a nine game homestand with the first series being against Kansas City. The Tribe is coming off a successful weekend in the Bronx, where they took two of four against the Yankees. They should have won in Sunday's finale, but the umpires ruled in favor the Yankees on a controversial home run in the seventh. Why does it seem like the Yankees get all the calls on home runs? Don't let us forget the infamous Jeffery Maier game in the playoffs a number of years ago. Anyway, I hope the home field will bring some luck to the Tribe, and they can get back to their winning ways.

Not much else is new in the world of sports in my opinion. The Cavs head man Mike Brown was named the NBA coach of the year, but who outside of Cleveland will really care about that. Now let us just see if Lebron James gets the MVP award later on. Also, on a side note, we get our first look at the 2009 Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday as they have their annual spring game. Terrelle Pryor has been working on his footwork on the dropback during the spring drills and resting his throwing arm due to an arm fatigue. Coach Tressell said it is not much to be worried about and that his prized sophomore will be ready to go when the fall comes. Besides both of those, not much else is new in the world of sports. Til the next time sports fans!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who owns "new" Yankee stadium?

Hi Sports Fans!
It appears that the Cleveland Indians seem to have the Yankees number this weekend in the opening series at the "new" Yankee Stadium. The Indians spanked the Yankees with a nine run seventh inning on Thursday in the opening game and then today they did themselves even better with a 14(!) run second inning. Sure they may not have won on Friday night and they still have tomorrow to go, but I am really enjoying this offensive output for the Indians. It was pretty cool to look at the box score for the game today and see that every starter had at least one hit by the fourth inning. Hopefully the Tribe can keep up this offensive onslaught on Monday when the come home to open a nine game homestand.

If you have been able to tell by the first entries in this blog, but I am a diehard Indians fan as well as a die hard of the Steelers. But I do care about other sports and teams as well, but my heart is for those two teams. I will watch other sports on television, but if the Steelers or Indians are on, I will have to watch them first. My favorite sport in general is baseball. No sport can match the history that America's pasttime offers. Go to any bookstore or library and head to the sports section, and you will find more books on baseball than any other sport. I read alot more about baseball than I do anything else, and you can ask my wife, I will read just about anything. I also collect more cards of the Indians than those of any other card. I have actually started focusing my collection to the Indians, Expos, and Steelers with a few individual players mixed in as well. I am just a sports junkie in the purest form of the word. Enough said!

Well, I am going to head back to hanging out with my best friend. I have come home this weekend to visit my grandma, who is not in good health, and see my best friend. We are matching the Indians take and put the hurt on the Yankees. Go Tribe!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Indians, Steelers, Cavs, and maybe a little more

Hi Sports Fans!
As I write this blog, the Indians are in New York City for afternoon tilt against the hated Yankees, but today is no ordinary game in the Bronx. Today is the long anticipate opening of the New Yankee Stadium, and all that it is worth, the pitching matchup is what I was looking forward to most of all. The last two Cy Young award winners go head to head, as Cliff Lee takes the mound for the Indians, and CC Sabathia goes for the Yankees. Sure there will be a lot of pomp and celebration before, during and most likely, after today's game, but the one fact remains the same, and that is as an Indians fan, I still hate the Yankees. Not one ounce of blood in me likes anything to do with the Yankees. Yes, I was a fan of CC Sabathia, and wish him luck in New York, but I could care less for the Yankees. Hopefully the Indians can rough up the Yankees in this four game series, and after that, they don't play again until the end of May. Go Tribe!

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced their 2009 schedule the other day, and for the most part, it should be an easy road back to the playoffs, but one never knows in the NFL. The NFL is full of parity for a reason, and for that reason, there are more fans than any other sport besides possibly NASCAR. Back to the Steelers schedule for a minute though, as the reigning Super Bowl champs, I believe they got ripped by the league. They only play one Monday night game and that is in Denver. Sure they have two Thursday night games, but only one of them is in Pittsburgh. But if the Steelers don't advantage of this "softer" schedule in 2009, there won't be any celebrating come next January in the postseason. Go Steelers!

As some of you may know, I am not a big fan of the NBA, but I do have to give a shout out to the Cleveland Cavs as they have clinched the best record in th association. Sure they lost on their home court last night for only the second time all year, but they look like a tough team to beat now that the long (and I mean LONG) post season of the NBA begins this weekend. Good luck to the Cavs as they begin their search for the title with an opening series against the Detroit Pistons.

And now, a little bit of a sad note. My best friend lost his grandfather the other day, and I will always remember seeing Tony and his wife Ellen in the mall in my hometown on many occasions. Tony was not much of a talker, but he always had a good word to say. I know Aaron, my best friend, will miss his grandfather, and I just want to send out my prayers to his entire family at this time of loss.

Well, I am going to stop for now because I have an Indians game to listen to. Hopefully the Tribe has broken through for some runs. Til next time...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First blog jitters

A couple of years ago, I had started a blog about the world of sports, and then stopped posting a daily blog after I met my now wife. I met her in September of 2007, and we just were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in October of 2008. The one thing I absolutely love about my wife, her name is Gretchen, is that she knows that I love sports. I watch just about any sport that I can on television, and although she may not always like it, she still supports my habit of watching sports, reading about sports, and collecting sports cards especially baseball and football cards.

I have recently started reading other blogs about sports cards, and it gave me the idea of starting a new blog for myself about the world of sports. There are many aspects of sports that I love, but there are many that I don't enjoy and through this blog, I hope you will see my point of view and respect my point of view in the world of sports. I won't keep you long this first day of being back to blogging, but I thought I would start off by giving a few remarks about the world of sports in the last few months.

First of all, a big shout out to my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, who won their sixth Lombardi Trophy back in February. I am still on an emotional high from that game, and that will continue onto this next season. You will see many blogs in the months to come about the Steelers from me.

Secondly, what is going on with the Cleveland Indians? Last night they fell to the Kansas City Royals by a score of 4 to 2. Sure it is early, but the Indians are sitting at 1 and 6, and better start winning soon or manager Eric Wedge could be on the hot seat.

Thirdly, Congrats to the Cleveland Cavaliers on clinching the best record in the NBA last night. I am not a professional basketball fan, but the Cavs are starting to make a believer out of me. Let us see if Lebron James can carry the team to a title now.

And last but not least, good luck to the Columbus Blue Jackets as they start the NHL postseason on Thursday night. They have a tough task ahead of them in playing the Red Wings, but with Steve Mason in goal, anything can happen.

Well, I am going to sign off for now, but hope all of you will be back to check out my blog as I start back into blogging again. Have a good day!