Saturday, July 18, 2009

Into the second half...

The Indians began their second half on Thursday night with a well deserved victory over the Seattle Mariners. Cliff Lee picked up only his fifth win on the season, but the offense has been giving him no run support this season. The Tribe won 4 to 1 and Lee pitched the complete game. However, the Indians could not win two in a row and got beat last night by a score of 6 to 2 as King Felix Hernadez stiffled the Indians lineup all night. Hernandez is finally coming into his own as a pitcher, and we could possibly be looking at a future ace. As for Thursday's win, the questions are going to start coming about is if Lee will be traded before the July 31st deadline. I do hope that the Tribe will keep him because they don't have any other pitcher who could be their "ace" right now. My wife's uncle Jerry insists that the Indians will trade Lee, but I sure hope they don't unless they can get somebody that can step into the rotation right now. And what team is going to have the salary room to fit a Cliff Lee on their roster? And another question is who would you rather, if you are able to trade for either, Cliff Lee or Roy Halladay? It would be a toss up for me, but most teams would want Doc Halladay if they can swing a deal to get hime. We will have to just wait and see what July brings us.

With the Mariners in town, it also brings Ichiro Suzuki into town. Do you remember the craze he brought to the Emerald City in 2001? He was the rookie of the year and MVP in that season, and has not stopped since then. Suzuki has over 200 hits in each of his season in an M's uniform, and is well on his way to that plateau this year. At the All Star game earlier this week, Suzuki said he thought it would be easier to hit .400 for a season than to hit in 56 games in a row. I think if anyone is going to be close to either of those magical numbers, it will be Suzuki. He is an amazing baseball player to say the least, and I have yet to mention that he has a cannon for an arm in right field. I was at a game in Cleveland one time that he threw out a runner at third on the fly. It was amazing! Continued success to the great Suzuki!

I know I promised a post about my second half predictions, but I have yet to find my notebook with first half predictions. Once I find that, I will make that posting. Until the next time...

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