Monday, July 13, 2009

At the break...

Yesterday ended the mythical first half of the 2009 baseball season, and it could not have come at a better time for the Cleveland Indians. The Tribe finished the first half winning two of six on a road trip to Chicago and Detroit. The Indians are really starting to sputter and it doesn't appear that they have any gumption to be playing right now. I am sure hoping that the break will give the guys some time to rest and relax but really think about how the season is going so far. In my book, the Indians are the most underachieving team in baseball so far this season. They were expected to contend for the American League Central division title and the break finds them in last place with a record of 35 and 54. I hope they can find a way to ignite themselves when they come back on Thursday night. I am not giving up on them because I never do with any of my favorite teams, but I just want to see them finish the season with some respect for themselves and the city they play for.

I do have to give a give a shout out to my friend Norm. He and I attend church together, he sang at my wedding, and we play dart ball together for our church in the winter. On Saturday, June 27, Norm, his wife Debbie and their daughter and son in law went to the Indians vs Reds game. They were sitting in right field and Norm was able to snag his first ever home run ball. It was hit off the bat of Jay Bruce, the Reds young outfielder. Norm came out of it with a pretty nasty bruise, but now he has a memory that will last him the rest of his life. Way to go Norm!

Back to the All Star break for a minute. I thought I would give my predictions for tonight's Home Run Derby and tomorrow's game. And many will think I am playing home town favorite but I think Albert Pujols will shine the brightest tonight and then will pick up the MVP award tomorrow night in his home park. Pujols is having another superb season and is going to continue his hot hitting in the second half. Speaking of the second half, I will have to revisit my 2009 predictions and post my new ones later this week. Until the next time...

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