Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who owns "new" Yankee stadium?

Hi Sports Fans!
It appears that the Cleveland Indians seem to have the Yankees number this weekend in the opening series at the "new" Yankee Stadium. The Indians spanked the Yankees with a nine run seventh inning on Thursday in the opening game and then today they did themselves even better with a 14(!) run second inning. Sure they may not have won on Friday night and they still have tomorrow to go, but I am really enjoying this offensive output for the Indians. It was pretty cool to look at the box score for the game today and see that every starter had at least one hit by the fourth inning. Hopefully the Tribe can keep up this offensive onslaught on Monday when the come home to open a nine game homestand.

If you have been able to tell by the first entries in this blog, but I am a diehard Indians fan as well as a die hard of the Steelers. But I do care about other sports and teams as well, but my heart is for those two teams. I will watch other sports on television, but if the Steelers or Indians are on, I will have to watch them first. My favorite sport in general is baseball. No sport can match the history that America's pasttime offers. Go to any bookstore or library and head to the sports section, and you will find more books on baseball than any other sport. I read alot more about baseball than I do anything else, and you can ask my wife, I will read just about anything. I also collect more cards of the Indians than those of any other card. I have actually started focusing my collection to the Indians, Expos, and Steelers with a few individual players mixed in as well. I am just a sports junkie in the purest form of the word. Enough said!

Well, I am going to head back to hanging out with my best friend. I have come home this weekend to visit my grandma, who is not in good health, and see my best friend. We are matching the Indians take and put the hurt on the Yankees. Go Tribe!

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